Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Girl!

For the past couple of days Luella has started this new scream/yell. Its actually quite funny. Yesterday I was at the mall with my friends Jenn and Melissa, and for like an hour walking around she was just screaming! The mall has an echo so it seemed pretty loud and everyone was staring at us while we shopped. haha but she wasn't screaming because she was upset, but because I think she just likes the sound.. She has been growing up so fast! In the past couple of months she has really transformed into a new little baby girl! Every day she seems to be bigger and when I say bigger I don't mean in size I mean in personality. She is really starting to form her own little personality and it has been so much fun to watch. So far this has been my favorite stage she has gone through. She is starting to be able to interact more. She can play with toys, talk, blow raspberries, roll over, smile, laugh and more. She is such a joy to be around! She has also been sleeping SO much better! I now don't even rock her to sleep, I just lay her in her bed, she just rolls to her side or tummy and goes right to sleep with out protest!! (knock on wood) I NEVER thought this day would come! She now only wakes up once in the night to eat and goes right back down. I hope to eliminate that feeding soon. (we will see how that goes..) I just have to say I LOVE being a mommy! Its the best thing in the world! I'm not gonna lie it has its tough times but they are so worth it when you have your good times! I love my little Punkie Bear!

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Mikauli said...

I love this! I want to see videos of her playing with her toys, talking, blowing raspberries (whatever that is), smiling, laughing and more!!