Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's going on right now..

Ok so I am now officially ready to have the baby any day now. I am 37 weeks and 2 days! I am starting to feel worse and worse every day. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, I'm having sharp pains and lots of braxton hicks contractions. Its not to comfortable.. But it's totally worth it! I'm getting more and more excited every day! I just hope I get through Christmas with out going into labor.

Brett's mom and sisters threw me a baby shower right before Thanksgiving. It was really nice and I got a lot of great things for the baby! Getting all the new clothes makes me so excited to see my little baby girl in them. Brett's mom made some beautiful bedding for the baby's room! Also my niece Felicity was my little helper! She helped open all my presents and LOVED showing off the clothes to everyone there.. haha it was so cute! Love her!

Anyways... So lots have been going on. Brett and I went to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving and then went on a bus with all the coaches families to Arkansas to watch the football game. It was fun even though we lost... :( I miss my family tons and I am sad I won't get to celebrate Christmas with them.. :( But excited to spend my first Christmas with Brett and his family.

Brett and I put our christmas tree up and are very proud of it haha. We wanted to go cut a tree down but didn't plan ahead enough so we had to get one at a tree lot. We got a 6 foot tree and decorated it with lights, red beads, candy canes, and some ornaments Brett's mom gave us. We love it. Brett loves coming home and turning the lights on. He also wants to leave the lights on when we leave the house at night so other people can enjoy it when they walk outside by our window.. haha he is such a goof..

Ok so Brett's hair is thinning.. and he has been stressing about it. But I think he has finally come to terms with it and decided to shave his head to see how he will eventually look. haha so here are the pics. Personally I like it. I like bald men. :)

Also my cousins Chloe and Maddie threw me a baby shower at the beginning of the month. Their friend Lee helped them decorate and make treats as well. It turned out so cute! A lot of my good friends came and it was so much fun to catch up. I feel like ever since I've gotten married I haven't seen much of my friends. So this was a good excuse to catch up. I didn't take any pics during the shower just before. so check out how cute they are!

Friday, December 3, 2010

So.. Its been a while since my last post.. A lot has happened since then. I am now 34 weeks pregnant! wahoo! Less then 6 weeks to go! Can't wait to meet my little angel! I am Large and uncomfortable, so I can't wait to have my body back. As far as the baby she Is always on my right side pushing up on my ribs making me super uncomfortable! But Its such a cool feeling being able to feel her body movements and trying to guess what body part you are feeling.

Ok as far as a baby name I am totally stumped.. I have no Idea what her name will be! I had no Idea it would be so hard to name a child.. I keep going back and forth on names and nothing just seems to be perfect.. I am just hoping once I see her It will be a little easier to name her.

the baby room is on its way to being finished.. I need to get the clothes all put away and get a changing table. Brett's Mom made us the crib bedding which is adorable! It was so nice of her to do that for us. Also a couple of days ago Brett's sister Krista helped me make a couple receiving blankets and a car seat cover. They turned out super cute! Maybe today we will make burp cloths! Its so great marrying in to a family that is so creative and talented. I will post pictures once the baby's room is finished. Oh and Krista has an etsy shop where she sells baby stuff she has made, like car seat covers, burp cloths, blankets, bows, etc. You should check it out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Woffinden on the way

Well as most of you know I am expecting a baby girl in January! It was a total surprise and not expected at all. But Brett and I both feel very blessed for the opportunity to become parents. This whole pregnancy happened so fast Brett and I didn't even have the chance to soak up being newly weds.. haha so we are trying to soak up as much as we can until this little baby comes into our lives and changes it forever. I guess you could say she couldn't wait any longer to get down here on earth. Haha I'm still shocked to this day that we got pregnant so fast and we weren't even trying.. we were trying to prevent.. haha but oh well she is coming whether we are ready or not so we better get ready! So my mom and little sister Toriana came to Utah for a week. I decided it would be fun to go to one of those places in the mall to get an early ultrasound and find out what the sex of the baby was while my mom and sister were here. So We went when I was 16 weeks and got to see the baby!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing was in my belly.. let alone I created it! It was very surreal.. Toriana was on the edge of tears while I couldn't help but giggle.. haha So here are the pictures we got from out visit!

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Ok I finally got the honeymoon pictures on my computer so I thought I would share them on my blog! Here they are! Enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wow... Its been way to long.....

Ok so I have to apologize for not blogging since the week before my wedding. Let me tell ya a lot has happened. But let me start from the beginning. The wedding day was a mixture of weather. It was raining, snowing, and cloudy. Luckily, When we walked out of the temple the sun was showing! It was such a blessing! But it was freezing!! I was so numb! In my pictures you can tell I am purple haha. We had out luncheon at the Lion house thanks to the Woffindens. :) It was so nice and the food was delicious! Then Brett's parents got us an amazing hotel room for 3 nights at the Little America hotel in SLC. It was a great place to have our first few nights together as a married couple. :) His mom gave us a a cooler with yummy food. It was very kind of them. A few weeks later we went on our honeymoon to Orlando Florida. Let me tell ya... it was A BLAST! Best trip EVER! I think Brett agrees with that. We stayed a whole week and got to go to the beach, temple,universal studios, disney world, gator land, and wonder works. We got a rental car which they upgraded to a Mustang convertible for us when we got there cause we were on our honeymoon. We really had a great time. I wish I could go back... ok so as far as pictures go brett switched out my memory card for Brett's parents. I hope we can find the card cause I haven't put them on my computer yet... not good. If anyone knows Brett he looses everything! haha so I will hopefully be putting up those photos soon!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

15 Hours and counting...

Ok guys , so I had my bachelor party last night and it was sick... We went go-cart racing and played arcade games and bumper boats, then we went to salt lake for some pizza around midnight, then X-box until about 2:30 am. Overall, sick party with a few of my homies. TOMORROW I GET MARRIED!!!! The ceremony is at 1pm and it is supposed to SNOW! Great... oh well, whatever happens we will have to roll with it. ;) Im going to have a hard time sleeping tonight...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1 WEEK!!

I can't believe its almost here!! Just one more week until I will be a married women! This has been going way faster then I expected. So a few new updates. First of all Brett and I got an apartment! Its called Hidden Meadow and its just a bunch of four plex's. We have everything pretty much moved in so its already starting to feel like a home. I just wish I didn't have to leave it every night.. But that will change soon :) We also got almost all of the little preparations done so things are coming together pretty smoothly. Me and a couple of my roomies are going to get brazilian waxings done on saturday. I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time. I hear it hurts pretty bad the first time. Also my Cousin Chloe is throwing me a little bachlorette get together with my close friends and cousins. I'm pretty excited about it. Well there are a couple of things still on my list to do.. I need to get all Brett and I's baby pictures together and given to the videographer. Also We need to choose songs to dance too, And need to get the sign in table ready to go. I finally got my new guest book back. Still not exactly perfect.. Instead of the pictures being printed on hard back it printed it on a sleeve... But at least there is a picture on the cover.. so that good. Also my family come in on Tuesday so I'm pretty excited about that. :) I hate not being around them. well as far as the apartment goes I will post pictures as soon as I can!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Weeks!!!

here's an oldie!
Can you believe it?! Its only two weeks until I'm Mrs. Woffinden! I can't believe it is actually happening. There have been plenty of times in Brett and I's relationship were I thought the day would never come... And now it is! I'm so excited and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I love him so much! Well Brett and I have gotten a few things done. We got our marriage license on monday which was 50 freakin bucks! can you believe that?? We also have started looking at pictures to put in our wedding video. I received my guest book that I made online with Brett and I's pictures we have taken. But, the cover that was suppose to have a picture of Brett and I on it was not on there. Instead its just a black page! But don't worry the back has a picture on it like its suppose too... ugh I was really upset and when I tried to call them I found out that they don't have a number to call.. you just have to email them and wait for their response.. I only have two weeks till the wedding and now I don't know if I'm going to have a guest book.. Its so aggravating. But besides that everything has been pretty smooth. Brett and I are still trying to find a place to go on a honeymoon and as of right now we are leaning more towards orlando! I think It would be a lot of fun. well I have a lot to do today! Hopefully things get done and the day we get married goes smoothly!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Sitting Here At Work

Well, its Thursday March 11th, and I am counting down the days until Tara and I are married! 20 days !!! I just wanted to give a shout out to the best girl in the world, my baby Tara! I love her so much and cannot wait to spend every day with her!!! She is going to be the best mother and wife!

Ok, well this message is really for Tara I just wanted to say how much I love her, and am grateful for her!!! Love ya BABY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Wedding is almost here!!

So there is only 3 1/2 weeks left till the big day! It has been going by so fast. I sure hope that I will be able to get everything done on time. Well we finally got the announcements all sent out.. boy was that a bigger task than I expected it to be. But Brett's family was kind enough to help stuff and label them all. Yes even the boys helped out. Thanks jeff,blake,brett,and kurt. And a huge thanks to Julie, Kelli, and Krista! I could not have done that on my own. We also went to the mall yesterday and got ties at tie on for all the men in the wedding. We got a few different ties to change it up a little. So all thats left to do are all the little important stuff. Like get our marriage license, and figuring out what is going to be served at the wedding, getting our temple cloths, doing everyones hair so they look amazing in all the pictures! and much much more. Today I'm going with Linda my flower lady to the Sun River Garden to meet with the wedding lady and talk about what we are expecting. So I hope all goes well. Sorry all my post are about boring wedding stuff but thats pretty much all thats going on in my life. haha. well I will keep you updated on my wedding plans. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yay! So only 4 more weeks until Brett and I are married!! I can't wait! Its not coming fast enough. So things are starting to come together. I went with Brett's Wonderfully Awesome sister Krista yesterday to get the pictures printed for our announcements from costco. They turned out really good. :) We ended up choosing 5 different pictures, which I think will make the announcements a little bit more fun and unique. Well me and Krista started stuffing announcements when we realized there weren't any more reception inserts. So I call the lady who made them and now have to go all the way back to Riverton to get more. Its a little annoying she didn't tell me that only 120 comes with the packaged deal. I have 500 announcements... Why would I only invite 120 People to the Reception?? So at least she is making them for free for us. Today I'm going to with Brett's mom to look at another caterer and then going up to the Lion House to check out the table decorations and linens.! It will be a good day. Hopefully we get the announcements done on time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok here some potential engagement picture ideas to use with the announcement card. I'm going to send a seperate picture with the announcement. I was thinking maybe choosing two or three to send to mix it up a little. Which ones do you think would be the best?? Hopefully it will let people comment now.
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Ok so I fixed the comment problem. I had it blocked for registered bloggers only. So I fixed it, so anyone can comment. Hope you guys do. :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here are some Bridals my Wonderful cousin Maddie took for us. She did an amazing job and I love love love them. I can't wait to see the rest of them!!! Your awesome Maddie!! Love you!
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Missing Brett

So Brett left to sell his car in Colorado yesterday. I feel like I have barely seen him in the past week and just miss him a lot. I've had nothing to do today plus I'm sick with a cold. I just wish he was here. I can't wait to be his wife and start a life with him. I love him so much. He is always there for me. He's always so sweet and caring towards me. I can't imagine my life without him. He is my best friend! I love you sweetie!!! Come home safe!
So I've been reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I'm loving it! Its kind of like another notebook story but in this generation. Haha Well I'm only a little more than half way through it. But I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm trying to savor it so I'm trying not to read it to fast. The movie comes out March 31st. The day before Brett and I get married so I will probably be seeing it after.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Brett Here

Well this is Brett, and this is mine and Tara's blog. Well got a lot going on this week I re took the emissions program and got certified for emissions testing, I sold my red 1989 325ix to a guy in Colorado and am going to deliver it tomorrow with my cousin Jeff.

I also just bought a silver 4-door 5-speed 1989 325ix. You could call it an addiction...

I love Tara, she is my everything and will be forever! We are working hard on all the plans for the wedding and its very exciting!!!

Wedding Announcements

Today I put in my order for my announcements after getting the sample ones in the mail. I will hopefully be getting them on Monday. I hope everything goes smoothly and that there aren't any major problems. I also need to get the picture I want to send out with them printed, get tissue paper, paper clips and all the addresses from everyone. I really hope I can get it all done and ready on time. I need to have them all sent out by the end of next week at the latest. well thats my latest wedding update. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Brett and I are getting Married April 1st!!!

Welcome to Brett and Tara's blog!! hopefully this time we can keep up with it and Brett will help post on here as well. We are both excited to become a family and spend the rest of our lives together. We have gone through a lot of ups and down together and are now ready to finally tie the knot! We have taken some engagement and Bridals already by my wonderfully talented cousin Maddie. She did such a good job and I'm so glad I have her to capture Brett and I having fun being ourselves. Well as far as wedding plans go I have to finish getting the announcements done and get those mailed out. I'm cutting it really close so I hope everything goes smoothly. Once I have those done then I will feel a lot better. well here are some pictures Maddie took.