Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's going on right now..

Ok so I am now officially ready to have the baby any day now. I am 37 weeks and 2 days! I am starting to feel worse and worse every day. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, I'm having sharp pains and lots of braxton hicks contractions. Its not to comfortable.. But it's totally worth it! I'm getting more and more excited every day! I just hope I get through Christmas with out going into labor.

Brett's mom and sisters threw me a baby shower right before Thanksgiving. It was really nice and I got a lot of great things for the baby! Getting all the new clothes makes me so excited to see my little baby girl in them. Brett's mom made some beautiful bedding for the baby's room! Also my niece Felicity was my little helper! She helped open all my presents and LOVED showing off the clothes to everyone there.. haha it was so cute! Love her!

Anyways... So lots have been going on. Brett and I went to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving and then went on a bus with all the coaches families to Arkansas to watch the football game. It was fun even though we lost... :( I miss my family tons and I am sad I won't get to celebrate Christmas with them.. :( But excited to spend my first Christmas with Brett and his family.

Brett and I put our christmas tree up and are very proud of it haha. We wanted to go cut a tree down but didn't plan ahead enough so we had to get one at a tree lot. We got a 6 foot tree and decorated it with lights, red beads, candy canes, and some ornaments Brett's mom gave us. We love it. Brett loves coming home and turning the lights on. He also wants to leave the lights on when we leave the house at night so other people can enjoy it when they walk outside by our window.. haha he is such a goof..

Ok so Brett's hair is thinning.. and he has been stressing about it. But I think he has finally come to terms with it and decided to shave his head to see how he will eventually look. haha so here are the pics. Personally I like it. I like bald men. :)

Also my cousins Chloe and Maddie threw me a baby shower at the beginning of the month. Their friend Lee helped them decorate and make treats as well. It turned out so cute! A lot of my good friends came and it was so much fun to catch up. I feel like ever since I've gotten married I haven't seen much of my friends. So this was a good excuse to catch up. I didn't take any pics during the shower just before. so check out how cute they are!


Krista Hansen said...

Let's get through Christmas and then this little girl is welcome to make her appearance any day. Love her and you! And Brett (you all know I love bald men)! You are a very pretty pregnant lady!

knz said...

I can't wait to meet her!! I'm so excited for you!