Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok here some potential engagement picture ideas to use with the announcement card. I'm going to send a seperate picture with the announcement. I was thinking maybe choosing two or three to send to mix it up a little. Which ones do you think would be the best?? Hopefully it will let people comment now.
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ChloƩ said...

i LOVE the 2nd to the last one and the 4th from the first one.. love them all though! seriously...i wouldn't even know how to pick!! haah, you should just print out these with all the pics and send those :) jk..but yeah, they are all soo good! you can't go wrong with any of them!

Krista Hansen said...

I pick the one where you are leaning against the wall and Brett's face is turned, the one where you are sitting down and your knees are up and you're leaning on Brett, and the one with you jumping where you can't see the ground. The jumping one is my favorite. Sam's too. Just love ya both!

Krista Hansen said...

I fixed the comments! Congrats to me!